Skating Edges
A figure skate has 2 edges. Figure skating has 8 edges.
  The blade of a figure skate is sharpened to have two edges as shown in the image below. The inside edge is inside (between) your legs. The outside edge is outside.

When a skater skates on the inside edge of their right foot while moving forward the edge move is called a "right forward inside edge". This means there are eight possible skating edges. Here is a list with their associate abbreviations. You will often see these abbreviations used on skating instructions such as dance diagrams, moves, and tests.

Description Abreviation Picture Video
Right forward inside edge RFI    
Left forward inside edge LFI    
Right forward outside edge RFO    
Left forward outside edge LFO    
Right backward inside edge RBI    
Left backward inside edge LBI    
Right backward outside edge RBO    
Left backward outside edge LBO    
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