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U.S. Figure Skating ‘Skate With U.S.’ competitions incorporate moves from the Basic Skills Program into a competition format that can be easily and successfully conducted by registered Basic Skills Programs or member clubs. Any group hosting a competition must be registered as an official Basic Skills Program. The competition is open to all beginner skaters who are registered members in a U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program and/or are current full members of U.S. Figure Skating. Members of other organizations are eligible to compete but must be registered with the host Basic Skills Program/Club or any other Basic Skills Program/Club. Skate With U.S. competitions are designed to promote a positive competition experience at the grassroots level and have been a very large success.

For further information on skating, skating programs, membership, events or any questions contact: U.S. Figure Skating, 20 First Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80906, (719) 635-5200 or the web site; www.usfigureskating.org

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