Music in Competitions
Finding music to skate to it is a very difficult task. In some cases we spent weeks listening to music from all different. For Basic Skills competitions words/vocals are allowed in music. For higher level events vocals are prohibited.
Victory by Bond is a great energetic song for skaters of any level.
The Story of Mumble Happy Feet is a great song with slow and fast sections. Some parts may be a little fast for beginning skaters
James Bond Theme
Legends of the Fall
Peter Gabriel - The Feeling Begins is another great song that just builds and builds.
Concerning Hobbits form the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.
The Black Riders from the Lord of the Rings
A Narnia Lullaby - is a dramatic 1:20 song that is perfect for a basic skills program with no editing needed.
Scherezade - A classic skated at many a national and international competition.
Rachmaninov Piano Concerto 2 - Many parts of this music have been used to skate in competition. A great pies of music to listen to even if you are mot using for competition,
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