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ISU Judging System (IJS) Technical Panel
How the technical panel functions:
  • The panel consists of 5 people all wearing headsets listening to calls.
  • The Chief Referee is also on a headset.
  • The Technical Specialist makes the call with their voice.
  • The Assistant Specialist (AS) and Controller (TC) write down the elements the skater performs as identified by the technical specialist (TS).
  • Should the AS or TC disagree with the call they say “review” and the data operator notes this on the data entry screen.
  • Upon completion of the program, the TC is in charge of the entire review process with the video replay.
  • The majority decision of the Technical Controller, Technical Specialist, and Assistant Technical Specialist governs the final decision. At no time does one person make a sole decision on the elements identified.

How to protest an error in accounting or element identification:

  • If the coach receives a protocol sheet they believe there is an error, they must immediately go to the official’s room and ask to speak to the Technical Controller.
  • Specialists and assistant specialists are not allowed to discuss anything regarding the event.
  • An appropriate form to initiate this review process must be obtained from the event referee, completed by the initiating party and returned to the event referee.
  • This process may be initiated by the referee, TC, TS, ATS, data operator, affected athlete or coach of affected athlete.

What calls may and may not be protested:

  • You may ask for review of misidentified elements, error in data input, lack of second half bonus, missing elements and mathematical or calculation errors.
  • The field of play items such as spin levels, jump downgrades, and falls may not be protested.
Keep in mind that judges and technical panel members are volunteers and spend a great deal of time for the benefit of your skater. All IJS information /questions/ clarifications/ etc. are posted at U. S. Figure Skating and ISU websites and available to all who coach.
So that is an explanation if the techical panel in action,. Read more about the actual IJS scoring here.
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