Liberty Skating Competition

Liberty Skating competition is a huge event. It is a four day event held on four ice surfaces at Ice Works in Aston, PA. This event is an opportunity for skaters to show off their skills in this “Pre-National” event. The USFSA judges for this event are of National and International ranking. There were also sessions where international judges and skaters

Angela Maxwell

We saw some great performances in single ladies by Alexa Gilles, Angela Maxwell,and Melissa Bulanhagui in the ladies sort and^ freestyle programs.

In the finals Angela Maxwell came in firs place after a great performance. Here skating skills score was almost a full point above the rest. Here are the top five scores from the senior ladies final. Maxwell who just had her program changed a few weeks a go said she improvised a lot of the program because she had trouble remembering what went where. Her on the fly improvising was pretty good because she was about five points above the second place skater.

Angela Maxwell 86.04
Joelle Forte 81.40
Mellisa Bulanhagui 77.83
Kristine Musademba 76.82
Daniela-Bela Favot 75.16
The pairs competition was equally impressive. Some of the skaters played it safe and taking risks payed off for some but not for others. Felicia Zhang and partner Taylor Toth won the junior pairs short program. They have only been skating together for a about two months and the look like they have been at it for years. While her partner is a seasoned pairs competitor, this is new territory for Zhang. I talked with Felicia's mom several months age at the University of Delaware where they practice. I commented that they looked great together and she told me "This is their second day together"


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