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If this is your first time out you may want to consider using a helmet. If you or your child are too embarrassed to where a helmet, at least where a thick hat. The ice is hard and hitting your had on it can cause serious injury.

  Gloves not only keep you hands warm, they protect you hands to some degree from injury when falling. They are also usefiull when preforming figure skating element that invplve grabbing the skate blade.
Bunga Pads

Bunga Pads are Gel Cushions made of special grade gels. The gels provide excellent cushioning thereby reducing or eliminating shock, vibration, pressure and rubbing from the padded area.

Crash Pads

SkatingSafe has develope Clear Clouds™ and UltraCrash™ Pads, to help keep skaters safe from pain caused by new boots and the bumps and bruises caused by falls.

Figure Skating Clothing
Figure Skating Dresses
Skating Pants
  These stretchy pants are very popular with intermediate and advanced skaters. They give you the freedom to streth into a high spiral or Bielmann spin and protect you a bit when you fall on you jumps.
Skate Bags
The Zuca Bag
  This is the most popular skating bag on the planet. Why didn't I invent these??? Every rink we go to I see a line of Zuca bags in the hallway.
Travel Suitcase
  This is actually in my opinion a more practical way to get your skates and other equipment to and from the rink. Before the Zuca came along I would see the typical carry on style suitcases lined up in the hall.
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