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  A flip jump is similar to a salchow but includes a toe pick launch off a back inside edge and lands on the back outside edge. It is usually entered from a forward glide on the left foot. The free foot will be held up in the air in front of the skater. Just prior to the jump, the free leg will drop back, tap the ice and push the skater around in a LFO 3-turn, so that he is on a shallow LBI edge. The right foot goes directly behind the skater, picks the ice and “pulls” the skater up into the air.
  The skater uses the toe of the right foot to push into a left forward outside 3-turn reaching back to pick with the right foot to vault into the jump from the left back inside edge immediately after the turn. The skater performs one or more rotations in the air before landing on a right back outside edge.

The flip can also be entered from a mohawk turn and lends itself well to being performed out of a more complicated footwork approach.
Take Off
  Take off is from a back inside edge.
Common Errors

A common error on the flip jump is not turning the shoulder out on the takeoff

A technique flaw that appears in many skaters' flips occurs when the free leg rises unusually high, typically near (in some cases above) hip height, before descending to strike the ice. This can make the jump easier to rotate but sacrifices height and some control.

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