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Figure Skating Lutz Jump

The Lutz is similar to the flip, but it takes off from a back outside edge instead of a back inside. Because the jump turns in the counter direction to the entry edge it is the the hardest jump for most skaters..


The skater typically performs a long glide on a left backward outside edge in a wide arc into the corner of the rink. Just prior to jumping, the skater reaches back with the right arm and the right foot and uses the right toepick to vault into the air.

  In addition to the standard entry described above, it has become common for skaters to do a lutz from a footwork entry, for example, a mohawk or 3 turn followed by a step to the left back outside edge and immediate pick for the jump.

Take Off
  The lutz is considered one of the more difficult jumps because its entry is counterrotated - that is, the rotation of the jump is opposite to that of the entry edge. The body's natural impulse is to "cheat" or begin to pre-rotate the jump by veering off at the last minute onto the inside edge, which really makes the cheated jump a flip. For this reason, the cheated lutz is often called a flutz. On the other hand, skaters with excellent lutz technique will actually deepen the outside edge as they reach back for the pick.

  Stretched free leg, level sholders and straight back
Common Errors
  1. Changing to an inside edge just before takeoff.
  2. Dropping the shoulder on take off.
  3. Bending forward before take off
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