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  A thee turn is usually the first turn that a figure skater learns. A three turn is completed on one foot. The ice skate blade makes the pattern of a "3" on the ice. Three turns are done from either an outside edge to an inside edge, or an inside edge to an outside edge.
  A 3-turn is always done on the arc of a circle. At the beginning of the turn, rotate the upper body so that your shoulders and chest are parallel to the arc of the circle and facing toward the center of the circle, and your arms are extended along the arc of the circle itself. Your head faces the direction of motion. Your free foot is close to the skating foot and over the tracing. Keep your legs in this position relative to each other throughout the turn (if they are touching as you start the turn, they should be touching in exactly the same way at the end).
  Before the 3-turn your weight should be back on your blade (not on the tail, but at the back of your instep. When you lift UP on the knee, your weight rocks toward the toe. When you finish your 3, the weight rocks back again. Step into the turn on a deeply bent knee, lift UP at the point you want to turn, and sink down again after the turn. The UP does 2 things: It reduces the weight on your blade, making the turn possible, and it rocks your weight from under/behind your instep to closer to the toe, reducing the amount of the blade that is on the ice
  As far as 3-turns go, the stronger the outside edge the easier the turn. The main problem I would see in learning 3-turns is leaning outside the circle when doing the turn. There is a natural tendency to do this. You just need to get those edges stronger. My advice would be to work on outer edges at a faster speed keeping the right hip checked and making sure you are leaning into the circle.
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The patturn on the ice for a 3-Turn
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