2010 Winter Olympic Figure Skating Mens Event

Quad or no quad, skating skills vs jumps, artistry vs jumps... the subject of debate following the Mens figure skating competition. What was it that put Evan Lysacek ahead of Evgeni Plushenko who did a quad in his program?

Some have said it was the fact that Evan was more artistic. Others have said it was the fact that Evans's skating skils throughout the rest of his program were better. The fact is that the total value of Evan's jumps was higher than the total value of Evgeni 's

Mens Freeskate Requirements

Items with * are required elements.

(Men Max 8)
1 must be an Axel-type jump *
Number of jumps in jump sequence is not limited.
2 triples or quads may be repeated, but must be in combo or sequence
3 double axel max as solo jump or in combo/sequence
Combos Max 3 combos or sequences
Combos limited to 2 jumps, but one 3 jump combo is permitted.
(Max 3)
1 flying entry *
1 spin combination; w/without change of foot*
1 spin with only 1 position *
Min 6 rev; 10 for combo; min 2 revs in position
All spins may change feet and start with a fly
Spins must be of a different nature

Step Sequences
(Max 2)

Straight line, circular, or serpentine *
If two sequences are performed, they must be different step sequences

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