Figure Skating Tests
While we do our best to provide accurate information, everything here is for informational
purposes only. Our intent is to give you an understanding of what is expacted at each level.
Skaters should ckeck with the official USFS rulebook and with their coach when developing
test programs.
Figure Skating Moves Tests
Pre Preliminary Moves Test
Preliminary Moves Test
Pre Juvenile Moves Test
Juvenile Moves Test
Intermediate Moves Test
Novice Moves Test
Junior Moves Test
Senior Moves Test
Intermediate Moves Test

From USFS TR 25.05 - Strong, true edges, smooth turns, correct posture and effortless flow are expected of the candidate.

Average duration of this test is about 12 min. Passing average is 3.2.

  Name Diagram Video Primary Secondary
1 Backward Double 3-Turns Diagram   Edge Quality  
2 Brackets in the Field Sequence Diagram   Edge Quality  
4 Forward Twizzles ( new ) Diagram Inside | Outside    
3 Inside Slide Chasse Pattern Diagram   Edge Quality Extension
5 Spiral Sequence ( revised ) Diagram Video    

The video examples here are educational and do not necessarily represent the passing standard.

The forward and backward power circles are being moved to the juvenile test.

The skater has also already performed backward power threes on the juvenile test, so this move is being deleted.

With the last revision of the moves tests, brackets were added to the test structure, but loops and twizzles have been missing since the beginning of the moves test. Here, at the intermediate level, we are adding a basic forward twizzle pattern. The move may be skated across the hockey lines as diagrammed here or along the long axis of the rink.

The current spiral moves in both the novice and senior tests only use forward inside and backward outside spirals. In the revised move in the intermediate test, the first and last spirals have been changed to a forward outside and backward inside so that all eight edges are used in the new move.

Moved to Juvenile Test
1 Stroking: Forward Power Circle     Quickness Power
2 Stroking: Backward Power Circle     Power  


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