Figure Skating Tests
While we do our best to provide accurate information, everything here is for informational
purposes only. Our intent is to give you an understanding of what is expacted at each level.
Skaters should ckeck with the official USFS rulebook and with their coach when developing
test programs.
Figure Skating Moves Tests
Pre Preliminary Moves Test
Preliminary Moves Test
Pre Juvenile Moves Test
Juvenile Moves Test
Intermediate Moves Test
Novice Moves Test
Junior Moves Test
Senior Moves Test
Novice Moves Tests

From USFS TR 25.06 - The candidate must give a performance that is generally good. The preciseness of the footwork should be nearly faultless, the body and motion well timed and the flow and power very good. No major consistent errors should be in evidence.

Average duration of this test is about 14 min. Passing average is 3.5.

  Name   Primary Secondary
1 Back Inside/Forward Inside Three-Turns
/Rocker Choctaw Sequence ( revised )
Diagram Power Quickness
2 Forward and Backward Outside Counters Diagram Edge Quality Power
3 Forward and Backward Inside Counters Diagram Edge Quality Power
4 Backward Rocker-Choctaw Sequence Diagram Edge Extension Quality
5 Backward Twizzles ( new ) Diagram    
6 Forward Loops ( new ) Diagram    

Changes and Reasoning

The video examples here are educational and do not necessarily represent the passing standard.

The very lengthy inside three-turn and rocker/choctaw moves on the current test involve four laps around the ice surface. We are condensing these moves (which both are demonstrations of a skater's quickness) into one move which takes just one pass down the ice. It can save three to five minutes over a test, which is one of the longest moves tests in the structure.

The flat bracket-three-bracket move is being deleted. (The crowd goes wild.)

A pattern of backward outside and backward inside twizzles is being added and continues the progression from the forward twizzles in the intermediate moves test. The skater is given freedom of arm and leg positions to demonstrate his or her own individual style with these moves.

Forward outside and inside loops are also being added to the novice test.

Removed Patterns
6 Spiral Sequence Extension Edge Quality
7 Bracket-Three-Bracket pattern Quickness  


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