Figure Skating Tests
While we do our best to provide accurate information, everything here is for informational
purposes only. Our intent is to give you an understanding of what is expacted at each level.
Skaters should ckeck with the official USFS rulebook and with their coach when developing
test programs.
Figure Skating Moves Tests
Pre Preliminary Moves Test
Preliminary Moves Test
Pre Juvenile Moves Test
Juvenile Moves Test
Intermediate Moves Test
Novice Moves Test
Junior Moves Test
Senior Moves Test
Pre-Juvenile Moves Test

For this third test the Jusges will be expecting to see a more seasoned skater

From USFS TR 25.03 - The fundamentals of ice skating must be demonstraqted, although not necessarilyt mastered. Good edges, flow, power, extension and posture are required and must be strongly emphasized.

Average duration of this test is about 12 min. Passing average is 2.7 or total of 16.2.
  Name     Primary Secondary
1 Forward and Backward Perimeter Power
Crossover Stroking (CCW only) (revised)
Diagram   Power Extension
2 Forward Outside/Backward Inside
3-turns in the Field
Diagram   Edge Quality  
3 Forward Inside-Backward Outside
3-turns in the Field
Diagram   Edge Quality  
5 Fwd & Back Power Change of Edge Pulls Diagram   Power  
4 Backward Circle Eights ( new ) Diagram Video    
6 Five-Step Mohawk Sequence Diagram   Edge Quality Extension

Changes and Resoning

The video examples here are educational and do not necessarily represent the passing standard.

The first two moves of the current test are being combined into one shorter, more efficient move. The skater performs forward stroking down one side of the rink and the first end, does a mohawk and continues with the backward stroking and crossover pattern for the other side. This cuts the time in half to perform the moves.

The five-step mohawk has also been condensed to just one pass down the rink.

A new move based on the basic backward outside and backward inside circle eights is being added to the pre-juvenile test. This move will continue the progression of development of the skater learning proper use of edge and body control this time on the backward edges.



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