Figure Skating Steps

A step sequence is a combination of turns, steps, edge work. These combinations are similar to what you find in moves in the field, A footwork sequince can be just a few steps and turns between jumps, or they can run the entire lenght of the ice. In fact it is a required element in high level competion to perform a straight line footwork sequence the entire lenght of the ice. A really good footwork sequence can get the audience up aout oif their seats applauding, Below are some tipical steps and step sequences

Mohawk A mohawk is an ice skating turn that is done from same edge to same edge, from either forward to backward or backward to forward. The edges before and after the turn are on the same lobe.
Choctaw A Choctaw involves both a change of skating foot and a change in the character of the edge (ie. BO to FI). The edges before and after the turn are on different lobes having opposite directional curvature.
Chasses A chasse is an ice dance step where a skater first strokes and extends. Then, the skater brings the feet together and lifts the other skate slightly off the ice.
Toe Steps  

Cross rolls are performed when the feet cross over as the skater skates in a serpentine shape. The "roll" refers to the action of the body which is caused to roll from one circle to another. This is a particularly common step in ice dancing and can be performed in either a right or a left direction.

Running Steps  
Progressives Progressives are essentially crossovers performed to a musical beat. In contrast to garden-variety forward crossovers, the crossing foot takes the ice alongside the skating foot and skims the ice as it crosses.
Swing Rolls  
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