The Basics - The first figures skating skills you need to learn at the basics. Start with our figure skating basics section if you are just getting started in the sport of figure skating. This is the place to find the basic skills you will need to get started with the sport of figure skating.
Turns - Figure skating turns are an important part of the sport. Some turns are part of the basics and others are advanced and difficult to perform. Figure skating turns are important because they are part of the advanced figure skating moves. For example the entrance to certain jumps includes a three turn or a mohawk.
Steps - Figure skating steps a skills that when put together form what is called a footwork sequence. Some figure skating steps are variations on or combinations of turns. Power three turns, twizzles, and running threes are examples
Spins - Spins in figure skating are often the most fun for the skater and most appealing to the figure skating audience. Crowds love to watch an elegant or super fast spin. There is so much important information related of figure skating spins that we have an entire section devoted to these figure skating skills. This section includes descriptions, pictures, and video demonstrations of figure skating spins.
Jumps - Jumps are spins in the air. Actually a jump is a back spin in the air. These figure skating skills have become one of the most important aspects of the sport since the creation of the international judging system. Triple and quad jumps receive so many points that they overshadow most of the other skills when competing. Some of the most elegant skaters have lost in competitions because another skater executes a series of point grabbing jumps.
Spirals - Spirals are glides with one leg way up in the air. There are many variations of these figure skating skills. The first figure skating spiral learned is usually the arabesque. Skaters will then learn a catch foot variation. Important aspects for figure skating spirals are good extension, get the free leg extended high in the air, and moving steadily across the ice. A change of edge during a spiral will receive extra points.
Moves in the field - Really moves on the ice not in a field! They are in some ways a replacement for "figures". The moves tests are intended teach the skater the skills they need to excel in the sport.
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