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Figure Skating Group Lessons
  Group lessons are the place to start. Your local rink should have a Learn to Skate program. You should check to see that the program is affiliated with either Ice Skating Institute(ISI) or Untied States Figure Skating Association (USFS). You should check with your local rink to find out what program they offer.
  Below is a description of the two main learn to skate programs that are offered at most ice rinks. One of the important thing to consider is the number of students with each instructor. You may want to find out the day and times that your local rink offers group lessons and stop by and watch for a while. Since they are usually held near a public skate time you may want to stay after a public skate and watch.
USFS Basic Skills Program
  The U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills Program is the learn-to-skate program of the national governing body of figure skating. There are programs in more than 800 facilities across the nation. Contact a facility near you and ask about its Basic Skills group class schedule, registration information and the price of lessons. Most group beginner lessons are structured in six- or eight-week sessions, and there is usually room available for classes that meet your current ability.
ISI Learn to Skate Program
  Some rinks offer learn to skate programs through the Ice Skating Institute. ISI's learn-to-skate program is a fun recreational ice skating program for all ages and abilities. You'll learn basic and advanced skating skills and earn colorful badges for each completed level. ISI hosts and endorses competitions and shows in member ice arenas across the country.
Practice, Practice Practice...
  To make progress in the sport of figure skating you will need to skate at least two times a week. Just showing up for you half hour lesson once a week will not make you a great skater, Practice your skills at public sessions if you are a beginner. If you are starting to work on jumps you will probably need to attend a freestyle session since most public sessions do not allow jumping.
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