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While we do our best to provide accurate information, everything here is for informational
purposes only. Our intent is to give you an understanding of what is expacted at each level.
Skaters should ckeck with the official USFS rulebook and with their coach when developing
test programs.
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Preliminary Moves Test
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Senior Moves Test

From USFS TR 25.08 - The candidate must give and excellent performance, displaying power, strong edge control and depth, extension, and precise footwork control.

Average duration of this test is about 14 min. Passing average is 3.5.

  Name Diagram Video Primary Secondary
1 Sustained Edge Step Diagram   Edge Quality Power
2 Extension Spiral Step (revised) Diagram Video Extension Edge Quality
3 BO Power Double 3-turns to
Power Double Inside Rockers
Diagram   Power Quickness
4 BI Power Double 3-turns to
Power Double Outside Rockers
Diagram   Power Quickness
5 Quick Edge Step     Quickness  
5 Serpentine Step Sequence (new) Diagram Video    

Changes and Reasoning

The video examples here are educational and do not necessarily represent the passing standard.

The current spiral sequence is being modified to add an outside forward spiral. The end of the sequence is altered slightly; the whole first section up to the triple three is unchanged.

A new serpentine step has been created that uses portions of the current quick edge step and adds counters, twizzles and loops that are not in the current move. The emphasis of this move is edge and turn quality as opposed to only quickness. This new move culminates the training of body control, use of edges and the turns learned in the prior moves tests, and demonstrates them this time at a senior test level of performance.



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