Grade Of Execution (GOE) in IJS

In the ISU Judging System each element in a figure skating program has a base value. For example a double Toe loop has a base value of 1.3, and a double Lutz has a base value of 1.9. The grade of execution score (GOE) measures the quality of the element and is added to the base value.

The final GOE of an element has to be calculated considering first the positive aspects of the element
that result in a starting GOE for the evaluation. Following that a Judge reduces the GOE according to the guidelines of possible errors and the result will be the final GOE of the element.

To establish the starting GOE Judges must take into consideration the bullets for each element. It’s up to a Judge to decide on the number of bullets for any upgrade, but general recommendations are as follows:

  • +1 - Skater achieves 1 - 2 bullets
  • +2 - Skater achieves 3 - 4 bullets
  • +3 - Skater achieves 5 - 6 bullets
  • Unexpected / creative / difficult entry
  • Clear recognizable steps/free skating movements immediately preceding element
  • Varied position in the air / delay in rotation
  • Great height and/or distance
  • Superior extension on landing / creative exit
  • Superior flow in and out (and in-between in jump combinations / sequences)
  • Good control throughout (entry, rotation, change of foot, conclusion/exit)
  • Good speed or acceleration during spin
  • Balanced rotations (on different feet / in different positions or variations)
  • Clearly more than required number of revolutions
  • Superior position(s) (including air position in flying spins)
  • Creativity and originality
Spiral Sequences
  • Good flow, energy and execution
  • Good speed during sequence
  • Good body line
  • Highlights the character of the program
  • Superior flexibility
  • Creativity and originality
Step Sequences
  • Good energy and execution
  • Good speed or acceleration during sequence
  • Good timing according to the music
  • Highlights the character of the program
  • Superior control and commitment of whole body to accuracy of steps
  • Creativity and originality
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