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Is your organization looking to enhance process efficiency, enable better data insights, reduce costs, or get more value out of your current investments?

Abontu's team of seasoned Lean Six Sigma manufacturing consultants focus on helping you drive real, long-term results.

What we do.

Current State Assessment:

First, we assess the current state of your business by identifying and rating your current data and applications to deliver a comprehensive Assessment Summary

Process Analysis:

Working with your team, we map your process maturity against an industry process maturity model, delivering a detailed view of your organizationís process maturity, use of ERP, and potential for opportunities rated by effort and value.

Opportunity Workshops:

Then, we review the findings and identify opportunities, aligning your business priorities and strategies to create a customized action plan.

Value Roadmap:

From there we build a roadmap based on your organizationís ability to change, and the order changes need to be implemented. Then, using 12-week sprints, we focus on increasing your business capabilities, moving your organization up the maturity curve to drive your organization to a higher level of performance.

Our Values

We believe in working smarter not harder.

Building team based solutions

We can see what others cannot.

Bang zoom to the moon!

Are you ready to send your business to the moon?

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