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Figure Skating Spins
Three Basic Spin Positions

There are three basic positions for figure skating spins namely upright, sit, and camel. All of the spins are variations of these three basic positions.

ISU communication 1445 defines the spin positions as:

  • Camel - Free leg backwards with the knee higher than the hip level, however Layback and Biellmann are still considered as upright spins

  • Sit - buttocks not higher than the knee of the skating leg

  • Upright - any position with extended skating leg which is not a camel position

  • Intermediate positions - (not one of the 3 basic) all positions that according to the above definitions are not camel, sit or upright.

For a spin to count as a change of position the skater must move from one of these basic positions to another.

Of course if there were only three types of spins the sport would be quite boring. The variations on these positions are what makes things interesting. When you change from one variation to another of the same position it is called a change of feature. Here are some of the variations for each of the basic spin positions.

There are also varied entrances to the spins. Some entrance actually change the type of the spin. For example a flying camel and flying sit spin.

Components of a figure skating spin
    Preparing for the spin is important. Each figure skating spin has it's own variation on what needs to happen to prepare for the spin.
    The entrance to a figure skating spin is important. Each figure skating spin has it's own variation on what needs to happen to prepare for the spin.
    This is where the skater stops the forward motion and converts it to centripetal motion. The goal is to maximize the conversion of energy to rotational momentum.
    As the skater pulls their extremities in the speed of the spin will increase. The keys to a long lasting figure skating spin are good centering, balance, and conservation of energy.
    They exit from a spin is that same as that for a jump. Leg extended, arms out.
  Figure skating spins are an exciting feature of the sport. They are exciting for beginners and they are exciting for the audience.
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