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Figure Skating Jumps
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Waltz Jump

A waltz jump is one of the few figure skating jumps that takes off in a forward direction. A waltz is a half rotation jump, taking off on the outside edge of one foot and landing on the outside edge of the other foot.

Ballet Jump This is an early figure skating jump the we will talk about soon.  
Split Jump The entry for a split jump is exactly the same as for the half flip. When the skater springs into a spit position in the air.   
Stag Jump A stag jump is a variation of a split jump with the front leg bent.  
Walley Jump A walley jump is counter-rotated, and so is somewhat more difficult than the conventionally rotated jumps.   
Salchow Jump The salchow is a figure skating jump with a takeoff from a back inside edge and landing on the back outside edge of the opposite foot after one or more rotations in the air  
Toe Loop Jump A toe loop jump takes off and lands on the same back outside edge of the ice skate. demo
Loop Jump Although some define a loop jump as taking off from a back outside edge the skater is actually facing forward when the skate leaves the ice. The skater lands on the same back outside edge.  
Flip Jump A flip jump is similar to a salchow but includes a toe pick launch off a back inside edge and lands on the back outside edge. It is usually entered from a forward glide on the left foot. The free foot will be held up in the air in front of the skater. Just prior to the jump, the free leg will drop back, tap the ice and push the skater around in a LFO 3-turn, so that he is on a shallow LBI edge. The right foot goes directly behind the skater, picks the ice and “pulls” the skater up into the air.
Lutz Jump The Lutz figure skating jump is similar to the flip jump, but it takes off from a back outside edge instead of a back inside. Because the jump turns in the counter direction to the entry edge it is the the hardest jump for most skaters..
Axel Jump The Axel is a difficult figure skating jump. The Axel jump is a Waltz Jump with an extra rotation. Like a waltz, an axel jump entered from a forward outside edge. The skater rotates 1-1/2 times in the air for a single axel, and then lands on a back outside edge of the other foot. demo
Doubles Tripples... When performing figure skating jumps, if the skater makes two, three, or four rotations the jump is considered a double, triple or quad jump. More rotations receive significantly more points.
Combinations Two or three figure skating jumps in succession with no steps in between are considered a combination jump.
Quality and Grade of Execution
Grade of Execution 1. Unexpected / creative / difficult entry
2. Clear recognizable steps/free skating movements immediately preceding element
3. Varied position in the air / delay in rotation
4. Great height and/or distance
5. Superior extension on landing / creative exit
6. Superior flow in and out (and in-between in jump combinations / sequences)
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